Fashionista currently under production development

Slant the dialogue between women and fashion towards empowerment

For modern women, and for women throughout social history, fashion has held a powerful symbolism. The image of a ‘put together’ woman is used across the media to speak about how women present themselves in their own world. Sometimes, these images speak of fun and glamour, and at other times these powerful images have left women disempowered and unsure of their relationship with style and fabric, hair-do and shoes, and make-up.

IFTV Studios is committed to the empowerment of women worldwide. We understand that the fashion industry, as well as having a remarkable influence on young girls and an enormous capacity to reach young girls and women, also has responsibility to slant that dialogue towards empowerment.

Through the production of high-quality documentaries, Fashion TV and the digital streaming of educational and entertainment video, IFTV Studios will open a new conversation with women.

Original screenplay by
Sonya McGuire

Fashionista in production development