The beginning of a journey, on location in France.

Be empowered

Sonya’s vision is to empower women around the world, especially those in disadvantaged situations, by providing access to learning the practical skills necessary to create opportunities in their own communities. Learning skills that can be used in small business can give women self-esteem and improve their standard of living.

- Sonya McGuire

Empowering Women

Education scholarships in partnership with www.acit.edu.au ( Australian College of Information Technology & Institute of Film and Television ) for students during Covid 19 offering partial scholarships to all regardless of gender and race.

Women and girls in Crises

is a project initiated by Sonya McGuire Enterprises
In 2023 offers scholarships to women in crisis, and online education for women and girls only.

Essence of France - on location

Empowering Women Productions

Essence of France

The Essence of France commenced filming in October 2019 in the South of France. This production of Empowering Women digital series has commenced development. This production is designed to inspire women to go out in enterprise and start their own ventures... 

Wild Australia

Topical, forthright, thought-provoking and forward-thinking, IFTV Studios has begun production development on an exciting new project – a series about Wildlife Conservation. This adventure series will be filmed on location throughout Australia... 


For modern women, and for women throughout social history, fashion has held a powerful symbolism. The image of a ‘put together’ woman is used across the media to speak about how women present themselves in their own world. Fashionista is currently under development by IFTV Studios... 

Surfing in Byron

The journey of a Brazilian woman while studying at ACIT & IFTV college while working as a surfing instructor. Surfing in Byron is currently under development by IFTV Studios... 

Digital Entertainment and
distribution platform coming soon.

A new subscription digital TV platform.