“Thanks to the digital revolution it is possible to reach women in the most isolated of places, and I intend to harness the power of digital technology and education.” 

- Sonya McGuire

A Unique Undertaking - born of Imagination and Heart

As an advocate for women in business and a staunch believer in the role education can play in enhancing the lives of women, Sonya McGuire is committed to her new project –

IFTV Studios – a vehicle for change

Sonya is a qualified legal administrator of ACIT and IFTV college and also IFTV Studios. Is also a member of the worldwide American legal association, AMEC; the Association of Media and Entertainment Counsel.

  • IFTV Studios is an innovative platform that harnesses the power of online education and quality screen production to reach, educate and empower.
  • Birthed in 2017, IFTV Studios is the brain-child of creative director and Australian business woman Sonya McGuire.
  • The cutting-edge production studio based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, has started development of a women’s empowerment project, an adventure documentary series and a documentary series on Australian wildlife conservation.

Empowering Women Series

The Empowering Women screenplay has been developed by Sonya McGuire. The original idea was developed while travelling in India, speaking with government and industry bodies, including members of the Bollywood film industry, about education reform, exports, production investment and distribution. It became apparent that many women living in less privileged situations are often armed with only a mobile phone as their prime means of empowerment, communication and information.

“Educating women to be self-sufficient has the potential to reduce poverty, increase equity and transform the prospects of women to stay safe and feel empowered.”

Empowering Women Adventures is an entertaining series that highlights entrepreneurs working in different locations around the world. It showcases individual business life while taking the viewer into a world of education. With a sense of cinematography in a documentary format, it combines insight into the life of a business woman, with traveller and adventure. This series design is steeped in concepts of empowerment for individual women and communities through education women in business skills. The project will focus on encouraging women in business toward self-sufficiency and building bridges for themselves and their families from prosperity to living abundant lives.


Production development has started on an exciting new project for IFTV Studios. This documentary series focuses on wildlife conservation in Australia. The adventure series will be filmed on location throughout Australia and features some of Australia’s most beloved and iconic wildlife.

IFTV Studios will join forces with state conservation and wildlife organisations to highlight issues affecting Australia’s native wildlife. It will encourage collective action to save endangered species and their natural habitats. .

“The power of image combined with persuasive script can heighten awareness of the need for conservation of wildlife and unspoiled places. Natural wonders such as the Great Barrier Reef need immediate representation and the fragility of Australia’s wildlife can be portrayed through documentary.”


As a model in her younger years, and having gained a certificate in Screen Acting Techniques at NIDA, Sonya McGuire is well placed to help design a series on women and fashion. Sonya appeared in two TV series, Time Trax and Paradise Beach in 2012.


Currently, IFTV Studios is working with Hollywood production partners to develop entertainment digital media and educational online programs that will empower women.

A ground-breaking venture, the program is designed to help socially disadvantaged women and will be distributed via Internet and TV platforms in various countries. Through images and well-developed script, the production will encourage women in business to become self-sufficient and create opportunities in their own country.

Empowering women across the globe to live their best lives through the use of online technology and digital media entertainment is an innovative initiative spearheaded by Australian business woman Sonya McGuire.

Sonya’s vision is to empower women around the world, especially those in disadvantaged situations, by providing access to learning the practical skills necessary to create opportunities in their own communities. Learning skills that can be used in small business can give women self-esteem and improve their standard of living.

“Women are capable of doing many things and can survive in the most hostile of situations, but many are not able to access education and consequently feel disempowered. Often it is not practical or affordable for women in developing countries to undertake a traditional education,” Sonya McGuire says. “However, due to the digital media revolution, it is now possible to reach women around the globe, even those in some of the poorest and most remote places of the world. I want to harness the power of technology and media to deliver affordable and targeted educational entertainment to support many people.

In production location - France