IFTV Studios – Filming a documentary during Pandemic!

“It was sink or swim for the team of IFTV Studios to start filming “SONYA MCGUIRE’S EMPOWERING WOMEN- Essence of France”, which has commenced filming in France!

“Despite the impossibility of working in the same location, let alone the same room, the entire production and technical teams have pulled together to deliver an extraordinary result”.

“The truly impressive thing was the way the whole team in France worked brilliantly with Gold Coast studios www.iftvstudios.com, even during lockdown.”

“While experiencing major lockdowns in France, as well as daily complications, we face constant changes throughout all our work processes.”

“Even so, the post production team continue with professionalism” says Sonya McGuire. “The commitment shown to the show by our teams, both in France and Australia is incredible”

“The theme and story is compelling. It’s so important now for women in France to feel empowered, to be proud of who they are and what they do. We need the Empowering Women story to be told.”

“I like the production very much and it’s what we need today because everything is challenging for career women all over in France” Andrea, Producer for French national TV for the past 20+ years made this comment after seeing the teaser.

Empowering women, like a lot of productions, met many obstacles in 2020. Initially scheduled for production on locations in France and Australia, pandemic-induced travel restrictions meant the IFTV team had to rethink how the show could be produced.

The production has been positively reviewed and supported by the French production industry. In Gold coast Queensland Australia, ACIT & IFTV College provided investment support to launch the entire production of IFTV Studio’s “Sonya McGuire’s Empowering women” inspiring business women, adventure show.

After the loss of her mother who had battled cancer, Sonya set out to France to create her fragrance business, creating a new label together with manufacturers in France who provided age old recipes from 200 years ago. Sonya also commenced filming in France In November 2019. Sonya McGuire Empowering Women from the French Riviera to many glorious locations throughout the French country side. Empowering Women- Essence of France is now being made in two different continents. www.iftvstudios.com commenced filming just before the pandemic hit.

“My biggest struggle was working out how to continue to film. Both the French team and the Australian team were under enormous pressure as they experienced several lock downs and inability to work.” Ms Sonya McGuire said.

The team in France has successfully filmed and edited part one - Essence of France episode. The challenge is to complete the episodes and IFTV is currently continuing to work in Australia to film another episode of the series Empowering women - Wild Australia  The camera and editing team have done an incredible job so far.

The production house IFTV Studios made the decision to continue to work on script writing and development during the pandemic.

Sonya McGuire’s Empowering women documentary is dedicated to women all over the world .

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Jasmine of France and the Empowering women journey

Searching for that perfect scent to create, Sonya McGuire’s investigation about Fragrance manufacturing journey commenced in France. Sonya was keen to see where the main flowers come from to produce the world famous brands of Fragrances.

Away from her normal corporate life, as an education provider, she begins her discovery trip to France in 2019. This is where her love affair with Fragrance begins. After visiting flower farms, they were such a beautiful experience for her that she decided to produce her very own label and fragrance from many flowers named tres’ jolie meaning very beautiful

Coming to France several times while this is such a different venture, she would be combining business with pleasure vesting fragrance farms and creating her own Fragrance.






Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia: Leading vocational college invests in Digital TV to support the empowerment of women.

ACIT&IFTV and Sonya McGuire celebrate 25 years of business success with expansion of digital platform.

Australian College of Information Technology & International Film and TV (ACIT&IFTV), a vocational education college located on Australia’s scenic Gold Coast in Queensland is investing in the development of Digital TV to support a ground-breaking initiative: Empowering Women digital TV currently under production.

2019 is a landmark year for ACIT&IFTV. The Australian college is celebrating 25 years in vocational education. As part of this anniversary, the college is expanding its technology and will work in partnership with its sister studio, IFTV Studios to produce the influential series ‘Sonya McGuire – Empowering Women’.

IFTV Studios is the dream of Sonya McGuire www.SonyaMcGuire.org

Sonya McGuire’s vision is to use the power of online education to empower women worldwide. The innovative concept was born when Sonya was travelling with a government delegation in India, speaking with government, industry bodies and members of the Bollywood film industry about education reform, exports, production investment and distribution. On this visit Sonya met with Randir Kapoor (Bollywood producer and actor of over 300 films) and was fascinated to see Indian film makers at work. “I was delighted to have tea with Randir at his amazing studio in Mumbai and to take a studio tour. He and his family have been involved for generations with Bollywood film making, acting, and operate their own studios in Mumbai.”

The new digital platform is under development and provides distribution of the new series to 50+ countries and is expected soon after. Empowering Women Production will offer opportunities for women globally, especially disadvantaged women to benefit from education and entertainment on mobile phones and other hand held devices. This concept is designed to use latest digital technology technology that is accessible to women, sometimes that is only a phone or a tablet!

ACIT & IFTV delivers vocational education through a range of government-registered courses offered to Australian and international students. The state-of-the-art college attracts students from Europe, the UK, South America and Asia. It will expand its course portfolio in 2019 to include Diplomas in Business Entrepreneurship Studies with Digital media. The college has an outstanding record of graduate placement due to its industry support and its partnerships with Microsoft, Cisco, Junipers and other key industry players.

The college is located on Australia’s stunningly beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland. The setting is world famous for its white sandy beaches and relaxed lifestyle. It’s a safe and secure environment for study, play and creativity. Every year thousands of international students come to Australia to learn English and study in a wide range of professions. The convenience of public transport for commuting is an attractive feature, with easy access to international airports. Surfer’s Paradise is nearby with beaches, shopping, resort lifestyle, cafés and restaurants and a spectacular skyline. Australia’s iconic Byron Bay is an easy drive or bus trip away.

The Gold Coast, Queensland is home to a thriving film and screen production industry. The cinema, TV and digital media industry in Australia attracts millions of international tourists to Australia every year. Screen production also adds to export earnings from the distribution of scripted content, including films, TV dramas and documentaries. Revenue from Australian online content is also expanding. Australia has a pool of internationally respected actors and a wealth of talented crew, production professionals and post-production staff. The success of Roadshow Village Studios has brought many big screen productions to local studios, including Thor: Ragnarok; Aquaman; Dora the Explorer; The Chronicles of Narnia – The Voyage of the Dawn Treader; Unbroken; Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Men Tell No Tales, San Andreas and The Shallows. Australian productions filmed on the Gold Coast include The Railway Man, Bait 3D and Sanctum 3D.