IFTV Studios – Filming a documentary during Pandemic!

“It was sink or swim for the team of IFTV Studios to start filming “SONYA MCGUIRE’S EMPOWERING WOMEN- Essence of France”, which has commenced filming in France!

“Despite the impossibility of working in the same location, let alone the same room, the entire production and technical teams have pulled together to deliver an extraordinary result”.

“The truly impressive thing was the way the whole team in France worked brilliantly with Gold Coast studios www.iftvstudios.com, even during lockdown.”

“While experiencing major lockdowns in France, as well as daily complications, we face constant changes throughout all our work processes.”

“Even so, the post production team continue with professionalism” says Sonya McGuire. “The commitment shown to the show by our teams, both in France and Australia is incredible”

“The theme and story is compelling. It’s so important now for women in France to feel empowered, to be proud of who they are and what they do. We need the Empowering Women story to be told.”

“I like the production very much and it’s what we need today because everything is challenging for career women all over in France” Andrea, Producer for French national TV for the past 20+ years made this comment after seeing the teaser.

Empowering women, like a lot of productions, met many obstacles in 2020. Initially scheduled for production on locations in France and Australia, pandemic-induced travel restrictions meant the IFTV team had to rethink how the show could be produced.

The production has been positively reviewed and supported by the French production industry. In Gold coast Queensland Australia, ACIT & IFTV College provided investment support to launch the entire production of IFTV Studio’s “Sonya McGuire’s Empowering women” inspiring business women, adventure show.

After the loss of her mother who had battled cancer, Sonya set out to France to create her fragrance business, creating a new label together with manufacturers in France who provided age old recipes from 200 years ago. Sonya also commenced filming in France In November 2019. Sonya McGuire Empowering Women from the French Riviera to many glorious locations throughout the French country side. Empowering Women- Essence of France is now being made in two different continents. www.iftvstudios.com commenced filming just before the pandemic hit.

“My biggest struggle was working out how to continue to film. Both the French team and the Australian team were under enormous pressure as they experienced several lock downs and inability to work.” Ms Sonya McGuire said.

The team in France has successfully filmed and edited part one - Essence of France episode. The challenge is to complete the episodes and IFTV is currently continuing to work in Australia to film another episode of the series Empowering women - Wild Australia  The camera and editing team have done an incredible job so far.

The production house IFTV Studios made the decision to continue to work on script writing and development during the pandemic.

Sonya McGuire’s Empowering women documentary is dedicated to women all over the world .

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